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Invalid Bank Details

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Mordekhai R Member Since: Apr 30, 2020
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I tried to withdraw my fund directly into my bank account the other day, after a couple of day waiting I've got an email from upwork saying "The bank provided this reason for your returned funds: Invalid bank details." How do i know which parts is wrong from my bank details, there's no information that speficied what part is wrong ?

My guess is that my bank code is wrong, I'm confused about this part and can't find my bank code. I'm from Indonesia and using Bank Central Asia (BCA).
My other guess is i filled the the name of account wrong, my name in my bank account have 3 parts (first, middle and last) but I only filled my first and last name in the upwork bank information.

Is there any moderator or admin that can help me with this ? Thank you.

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Mordekhai, 


We are currently checking this with the team. Once we hear back from them, a member of our team will update this thread.

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Jiten B Member Since: Aug 25, 2020
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It just happened with me today, I don't know why the bank account would be invalid, I just shared that the fund has not been yet coming to my account on the upwork today on one of the comunity. they told to wait for me, I have changed my bank branch details. Now I received that the account is invalid. Also I cannot change the bank if its invalid, But Now I again started the fund transfer with few branch name fixed.


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Naheed M Member Since: Sep 29, 2020
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Hi Mordekhai R,

As you have already mentioned you could remember some of the missing details. I tell you, remember more and there may be some other minor issues in your bank detail. You have recalled the actual issue and the Upwork Support team will assist you to solve the whole matter till you receive your payment from your bank smoothly. 

It's my personal experience when I visited my bank to cash my cheque, it was rejected just because of only one letter error in my name. I could receive my money only when I got the spellings of my name corrected. 

Always remember, banks require only accurate information, there is no relief of a slight mistake.

All the best