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Invitation drops

Something is really going real bad. Everything was smooth before the latest updates of Upwork.


I got 23 invitations in the past 90 days or three months. Among them, I got one invitation last month and one or two invitation this month. Which means 20 invitations took place in first 30 days.

I have reported several times about this. But everytime Upwork gave me some rough explanations which is really unreal.
I know client can't invite more than three. But this could be a reason for not having any invitation in a entire month ??? I am not a beginner here.
I am now 100% sure that somehow my account is being bypassed. I can say that because already we have seen so many bugs in this site. 



I'm a Top Rated since 2016. And I'm facing 100% same issue. And I also have contacted with support but they don't have any proper response. I don't know what's happening here. Like I'm thinking to choose another platform. 

It's so frustrating. We worked reall hard to reach here and now are dominated. Upwork is not helping us.