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Invitation to Interview for Project: NO REPLY OPTION AVAILABLE ANYWHERE

I've been Invited (2 days ago) to Interview for a project. But there are NO response options available to me in the invitation or the Job Description to which the invitation is linked. How do I accept this invitation?????

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It may have since been removed or closed by the client or Upwork since then. Try clicking on the job post link in the invite and see if you can access it that way. But the grey-ed out button might be a technical problem, as I recall hearing about this happening to others. I'm sure someone from Upwork will respond to you with more info.

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Thank you for that rapid reply, Peter. I tried that but there are no "Submit Proposal" or "Accept Invitation" options. Must've closed, as you suggest. thanks again!

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It's quite likely that the job was a scam, therefore it was removed by Upwork. It's highly unusual for new freelancers to receive legitimate invitations from clients; you need to establish a track record first.

Thank you very much! I'm still a semi-newbie on UW. Much appreciated.
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