Invitation to Private Job

I received an invitation to a job that's posted as private.


The problem is I am not allowed to see all the information about the client in order to make an informed decision about the job. 


There is no client history and no feedback to view from other contractors. This information is an important part of my decision on whether or not to take the position. 


Is there anyway to find out the information about the client? If not then I'm not sure I want to take the job without all the information I need.


They must be an elance transfer. That was one of hte worst things Elance did because as you can see, you're flying blind with the customer and can't check them out for any red flags.

I really hope this is not a sign of things to come. 


With our Job Success score on the line I need more information ...especially when the client says his last writer did not work out???


I've also got no idea what he has paid other freelancers, what their remarks were in feedback as well as ensuring the client consistently gives feedback to those he hires.


Could a modertor please comment on this.

Yep, I agree. We're judged by client feedback but we need to research before we step into a big pond of poop with a bad apple.


Don't know if you can see, but at least on Elance we can see job history as in number of jobs they've done and I believe the ratings they've given. So, if it's private, I usually base my decision on the number of jobs they've hired for. If no hiring or little history, I usually avoid bidding unless their RFP is detailed.

Another disturbing part of this way I was not allowed to see any job description other than the title. There was no link anywhere on the invitation to see the description.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jean,


Could you please report this problem in a ticket to the Customer Support? It seems like an individual issue.

~ Valeria

I have had something similar. I recently  bid, for a job and  I wrote a detailed cover letter which included my rates and  samples of my work. I got a reply asking for my rates and samples of my work. I sent a message back repeating my rates and asking if they would refer to my original bid (and my profile) for my details and the samples that I had already provided.  The job was awarded to someone else. No surprises there.


However, a few days later, I received an odd private email (not on Upwork) with a peremptory request to please send samples of my work for a job. I wrote back asking who they were. They told me they were this same company who had hired someone else on Upwork.  


I do not know how to respond to them. Are they part of Upwork or are they trying to circumvent Upwork? More importantly, I did not give this company my private email address, so I would like to know how they got it.

@Valeria K wrote:

Hi Jean,


Could you please report this problem in a ticket to the Customer Support? It seems like an individual issue.

 Sorry Valeria but reporting anything to Customer Support usually results in them not understanding what I'm talking about, weeks of communication that has no relavancy to the problem and weeks of frustration trying to explain the problem. I gave up on reporting anything a long time ago as it's simply a waste of time.


I have same situation. I've got an invitation to private job.
The job description seemed tempting to me, I actually wanted to accept that proposal and do the work. It was very good fit for my skills, but all jobs(even titles) and feedback set to "Private"on Client side, forced me to decline that job, I feel like I've missed an interesting project, because Upwork keeps that Client's work history private.