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Invitation to interview block position

I believe the "Invitation to Interview" section is more important than "Active Candidacies" since it highlights new opportunities. Any chances you guys can swap the positions of these two blocks so that the "Invitation to Interview" section shows directly under "Offers"?


You may find a screenshot below. Thanks.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for the suggestion Wassim. I'd like to hear what other users think about the update you proposed and the effect reordering these two sections might have, before escalating the feedback further.

~ Vladimir

I would definitely do what Wassim suggests.

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   â€”William Ashbless

100% agree

I also agree that this would be a good idea.


I'd say that most people will be fully aware that they are candidates for a given job but may miss an invatation.


My vote is - change it!

Definitely a bright idea.

Hello Vlad,


I had this idea in mind for too long, but I always procrastinated to post it because I thought it's very logical and thought that Upwork was going to fix it at some point, but that never happened.


You see, upon receiving an invitation, the "Messaging" feature is disabled by default until we respond to the invitation. Before we can actually respond, we need to read the job description which means we'll first access the "My Proposals" page and scroll all the way down until we find that interview's job. You guys should make it much easier to locate these jobs and not make it a hassle.


On the other hand, "Active Candidacies" are jobs that we already applied for (or responded to), and when we get a new notification from a client on those jobs, we often head to the "Messages" instead of the "My Proposals" page to follow up.

Hope this is clear.

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Good idea!! I agree.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you all for stepping forward and sharing your opinion about the change Wassim suggested, I'll make a note of your feedback and share the suggestion with our Product team.


Thanks again Wassim for bringing this up and sharing the rationale.

~ Vladimir

100% agree on this. Nice one Wassim!

Gets my vote too.


Especially since I keep archiving active candidacies on a daily basis, waiting for the jobs to expire...

Another superb idea from Wassim!  Smiley Wink 

+1 from me, too. I have forever wondered why it was hidden down there.


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I agree with Wassim as well. It just makes better sense.

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Agree with Wassim


(BTW, Wassim...where have you been?)


Nice to see you in the forums again. 


(Unintentional rhyme)

Kat!! Hii...


I've missed you. I have just been pretty busy recently with a bunch of projects. Past two months were the best in my freelance career. The outcome was great but unfortunately, this means less time for communication with my beloved ones. I'll do my best to not disappear again :")

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Yes, please. Items requiring action or response should be at the top of any list. This has bugged me forever. Thanks for taking the time to request the fix!

+1 more for Wassim's suggestion.

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