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Invitations and interviews suddenly stopped

Ace Contributor

Hello there!


Two weeks ago everything was great. I did not do proposals much, maybe 3-4 a week, and I got interview with some of them, also I got 2-3 invitations per week, sometimes more.


Then suddenly both communication opportunities with clients stopped. In two week I got 1 invitation and 1 interview.


I have 100% JSS, completing my job mostly with 5 star, my eligible week counting on for becoming top rated.


What might happened to my account? Maybe there is some kind of block, because of something. Maybe there some bug hapenned to my account.


Also, for these two weeks, I applied so many proposals. Now I see one guy here got his account suspended for this. Should I stop making proposals? For how many days? What number of proposals should be done per week, so my account would not be suspended.


Please help, the new interface of help center gives knowledge base only, I can not contact trough chat or open ticket as before.

Community Guru

Hi Tamerlan,

I've checked and there is no hold on your account in any way. Many seasonsed freelancers who have been on the Upwork platform for a long time will attest to there being an ebb and flow when it comes to freelancing, so at times you may be busy with work and at other times you may be less busy.  With regard to being suspended for sending lots of proposals, I can confirm that there is not a set limit to the number of proposals you can send. Upwork does suspend only a small percentage of users who have sent many proposals but have not made any earnings at all or have earned very very little. You can continue to send well-written proposals for jobs that you are sure you could successfully complete and excel at. Other users can weigh in on the fluctuation of work on Upwork.


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