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*Invite-Only* misunderstanding?

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Tonya P wrote:

Nichola L wrote:

In view of the new connects system, I agree with the OP. I  think it is unfair. If a client receives too many proposals and then suddenly decides to make the same job invite-only, then they should be obliged to close the first offer and open a new invite-only offer, in which case, the connects would be returned. 


Does choosing to close the acceptance of proposals and switch to making invites mean that the client won't consider the proposals they already received? I thought it just meant that they didn't want to receive any more open proposals or perhaps weren't happy with the quality of the proposals they had received. 


Would the freelancers who already submitted a proposal benefit by requiring the client to close the open job without hiring and repost it as invite-only? 




I don't know how it works on the client side.  But I do think that if a client wants to change to an invite-only for the same job, whatever their reasons, the first job offer should be closed and re-opened as an invitation. And that the connects should (in this case) be returnd. Particularly as very soon those connects have to be bought.  


And I have a question on this. I have received several "invite-only" invitations, where I have been picked for the job, but there is also an actual public job posting. This seems to me unfair if another freelancer wastes connects on that job, which effectively has already been assigned. 



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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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This is a spectacular non-issue.


If the client made the job post invite only after the OPs proposal was submitted, his proposal is still a proposal and the client may still consider it, along with the proposals of the people he or she invited to apply.


It's not as if the OPs proposal gets binned by the act of turning the job post to "invite only!"


I have set job posts to invite only and back again for no reason other than to work through the proposals received already before allowing more, to avoid becoming overwhelmed.


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David B Member Since: Jan 3, 2019
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Hi Petra,

Thanks for your time and good answer.

I agree that my proposal is still there.
But it seems to me that my proposal will not be interesting to the client, since after 5 minutes delay he changed his work only with invitation.
It turns out that he wants to choose a candidate by his criteria, rather than receive offers from everyone, and then look for the perfect candidate.
“It’s better that I'll choose who is suitable and who is not, rather than to get 50 proposals and get confused in them”. 


I understand and do not blame the client.

Anyone can change their mind. I can open a work on which I suffer for several days, freelancers will send their applications for it, I will interview few of them, and in the last moment I will take it and do job myself (I will be activie client to not close the job automaticaly)))). But I took connects from these freelancers, is that right?


There are other things, as the client open some job.
Freelancers send offers (including me).
After 3-5 minutes, the same client open a new job (already futured) with the same title, but with different technologies for use(using other technologies that are not identical with the first job, but the essence of the work is the same).

Yes, perhaps both technology will suit him, but no.
He takes candidates from second opened job.

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Richard W Member Since: Jun 22, 2017
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There are many reasons why a client might not look at my proposal. I can't see much point in trying to pick out some reasons and saying that in those cases my connects should be refunded, but not in the case of all the other (possibly worse) reasons for not looking at my proposal which can't be detected by the software (such as the client just not liking my face).


ETA Refunding more connects would make more connects available to freelancers to use, which would reduce the effectiveness of the connects system, unless Upwork increased the price of connects. Would you be happier if you had more connects refunded but had to pay more per connect, so you ended up spending the same amount on connects overall (on average)?

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David B Member Since: Jan 3, 2019
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Thanks Richard.

Did you read OP?

The problem is not specifically whether the client will review the application or not.

The problem does not affect the public openened jobs.It is clear that there are many factors from which the client may not consider the application of one or another freelancer.


The problem is that the client, can change his decision (this is normal as it should be), first to open the public job, then change his decision and make it only by an invitation, which affects in particular the freelancers who sent proposals. If I noticed that client changed job state after 10 minutes(or some time based on which we can conclude that he looked at least one candidate) this topic would not have been opened at all.


And this decision was not made after a long time searching for a candidate or after receiving many applications(less than 5 proposals).This step was taken after I don't know 2-3 minutes after the job was posted


I don't whant to post some solutions, but maybe let's first close the opened public job, after that create your 'invitation only' job. About (such as the client just not liking my face) Smiley Very Happy

This is insignificant factor in our days(the main thing is that not pretty boy/girl can do more valuable things that many of us), but I think that many freelancers would like to see clients' faces and understand who they work with (this is not related beauty of the client, but to the nationality).


So you make an untimely conclusion.

Perhaps, your guess would be right about effectiveness when the connects were free.
It is not very easy to find the golden middle. as you do it for 5 minutes of analysis and increas the connects price.Smiley Very Happy

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David B Member Since: Jan 3, 2019
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Martina P wrote:

David B wrote:

It turns out because of a client mistake, I lost my connect.
This topic will be useful when the connects will become paid.

I would not go as far as saying the client made a mistake. He might have received enough proposals for his taste and did not care to receive more.

If you keep screaming how unfair life is, and especially how unfair upwork is, I will nominate you for the Captain Obvious award. (It's not a thing, but should be.)

Oh and please Martina P, don't write that I think that Upwork is unfair.
I don't think so.
In all my topics that I created, I always actively discussed problems with the Upwork developers separately if that was necessary.
I'm not here to complain, but to try to do something better for the service.