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Invite employer to Upwork?

Hello. I was working on a project outside of Upwork or other services. My client wants to have a record of work and he suggested that we move to some service, Upwork for example. I was thinking about starting freelancing here so we agreed.


We want to do the following:

1. I create a freelancer account (done)

2. He creates an account

3. He creates the task

4. I find it and apply


I am worried because this might look like malicious actions from Upwork's point of view. Searching gave me Upwork's feature "Bring Your Own Freelancer (BYOF)". Can we use it for this case? I have an account already so not sure.


Or there is nothing to worry about?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rostislav,


Make sure that even if you help your client with creating their account, you don't log into their account and you don't share private information such as passwords. Also, it would be a good idea to document the details of the project and the terms in Messages after your proposal is accepted and in the offer the client sends to you. 

~ Valeria

Thanks for the reply. I am not helping my client set up a profile. I am just worried that we can get banned because Upwork might think it is a fraud to boost account stats.


I think what upworks isn't cool about is YOU creating a client account and create jobs for you to boost your profile, basically paying yourself for a good review. As long as the client is someone else, upwork shouldn't have any problem with you guys