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Invited Customer to UpWork platform - Got Account Suspended

We have brought one of our customers to sign up and post a project on upwork platform. Got invited and started the work.


A few days later the contract got suspended, then our agency member's account got suspended.


Reason? There was no communication with the customer before the contract was awarded.


Now it is this whole business week we exchange messages with the support team trying to reactivate both - our team member's account and the contract. Not successfull yet. 


Wonder how much time it will take and if there is a more efficient way to resolve these situations...




Thi is not a good platform to work .. We already lost many profiles and they takes months time to resolve any issues. 


I will never recommend upwork .. 


Unfortunately there have been a number of contractors from certain countries who have been signing up as a client using a fake id and then hiring themselves through that fake id in order to get positive feedback which then makes it easier to get other jobs. 


I suspect your client is being investigated, which also triggers the contractor being investigated to ensure the client can show proper documentation that they are who they are. That takes time unless the client provides all the necessary documentation immediately.


Then once the documentation is received it must be verified which takes more time. Having been hired with no interview by a client who just happened to recently sign up with Upwork will look suspicious and until things are verified and confirmed you will be stuck in the investigation. 


If there were no contractors from certain countries trying the scam the system this would probably not be happening but unfortunately there are many who are doing it and ruining it for others.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Slava,


I am sorry about the inconvenience caused by the suspension of the contract. There are still a few things our team has to clarify and they are currently expecting a response from the client. Please, make sure your freelancer continues communicating with the team in order for the issue to be sorted out soon.


We appreciate your patience.

~ Valeria