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Invited to Apply by Client-Declined Due to Sample

Yesterday I was invited to apply to a job.


I clicked on the email link and then clicked on the Accept Interview.


No where in the next window is there a place that allows you to attach a sample.


Because the was no sample attached the client DECLINED my application and the reason given was NO SAMPLE attached. I imagine everyone he invited was declined for this reason.


Because of this I lost an opportunity for a $500 job that would have taken 2 days to complete.


Why is there no way to attach a sample when you are invited to apply to a job?


There is also NO WAY to reply to the questions the Client asked. Why????




I know this doesn't actually answer your question but what I have done in these situations is to send another message after I've accepted the proposal. In the acceptance message, I explain that upwork does not allow me to send a sample and then follow that up with a message where I can attach the sample.


Also, by looking at the job post, you can see the questions the client is asking so you can answer them either in the acceptance message or the followup message.


This is a bit convoluted but it is a work around if you ever run into the problem again.

I have had that problem for a long time...I do the work around that David suggested...since upworks could care less about fixing REAL bugs...I am sure this is on thier "will never get done" list.


I have all my samples uploaded onto Dropbox and Google Drive, which allows me to share links in the cover letter itself. I never attach files. 

@Olga Q wrote:

I have all my samples uploaded onto Dropbox and Google Drive, which allows me to share links in the cover letter itself. I never attach files. 

Unfortunately it looks like the client invited a bunch of people and then declined any application that did not have a sample attached, without even reading the proposal. I did provide a link to my samples but I, along with the others, were turned down.

It is INCOMPREHENSIBLE to me that Upwork is missing such a basic feature. The client in this case OF COURSE just asssumed applicants would be able to attach samples. It's only common sense.


I've just had to leave a second message in order to be able to provide samples to a client who invited me to interview. As a graphic designer with an extensive portfolio being able to provide samples that are specific to a client's request/interests is critcial. Being forced to submit a SECOND message with samples is not only more time consuming but makes the freeelancer look like the neglected to do it in the first place.


It certainly won't solve this specific problem — a client not even looking at a proposal because they assume you couldn't follow simple directions — but going forward as I am forced to submit samples on a separate message I will be pointing out that it is the fault of the poory designed interface.