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Invites don't send initial message until I respond

Hello everyone, I've noticed a strange pattern with invitations: They won't send a message to my Upwork messages until I respond to the message. Luckily I've received them because I receive phone alerts but if I'm somewhere that doesn't have service (like a doctor's office) I won't receive the alert and I have to either click on "proposals" or check the notifications to see someone invited me. 


As soon as I send my response message they "send" the request right after I click "send", which seems wrong. Am I the only one seeing this or is this a known issue?



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Retired Team Member

Hi Darryl,


I would like to confirm that by design when you're invited to a job you will only receive a notification about it. Once you've accepted the invitation for the interview a message room will be created for you and the client. If you were referring to something else, please share more details here. Thank you.

~ Goran
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