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Invites no where to be found-any one else experiencing this?

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Tracye G Member Since: Sep 30, 2008
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I used to get multiple invites a week and sometimes more than I could handle in a day, and now with all the "changes" ... nothing, nada, zip!!!


Are others experiencing this?


Is this another glitch of the multitude of "glitches"?


I am seeing zero benefits from all these changes!I have to wonder who is benefiting??


The only conistant thing now is "glitches".



Another thing I have noticed is a LOT more "payment not verified" jobs being posted...I used to not run into to many of it seems that the majority are that way. Makes you go hmmmm.

Anyone else noticing this??

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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
Community Guru
Tracye G Member Since: Sep 30, 2008
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Thank you for the links...


Something is rotten is this missing invites woodpile!

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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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I'm getting lots of invites to jobs that have nothing to do with my skills.


I've just revised my profile again trying to eliminate words that the robots are picking up on.


I may know and understand SEO quite well but I DON"T want a SEO job. Althought I may understand HTML very well I'm NOT a web designer.


What concerns me is that people who do want these jobs as invites are not getting them as I got put into the que and not them.

Ace Contributor
Vitalij R Member Since: Nov 11, 2014
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Hi, Jean.

You are lucky in a sense, because you can be sure that you at least find customers, and then you can reject them or block.

I am worked more then 1 year on Odesk, but receive whole ~3-4 random invitations.

I am asking Odesk support "Why I am not visible for clients and not receiving any invitations long time (poor or good)?", but still not get clear answer.Smiley Happy


Sincerely, Vitalij - Top Rated brochure designer.
Community Guru
Abdul R Member Since: Dec 4, 2014
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Hello Friend, 


I have 100% job success rate and got top-rated badge. I have also noticed that there is no traffic, no invitation ofr the last few weeks. 


I think that Top-rated programme is not useful because we are not getting any top-rated features except the green badge. 


We can hope for the best. 


Best Regards



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Tamaz J Member Since: Nov 4, 2014
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Hi Tracye,


Exactly the same here - in Engineering.

It's not only I'm not getting invitations but, also, overal quality of jobs themselves reduced dramatically (at least in engineering).

I'll go even further - first signs started to show up when Odesk and Elance merged. But in last few months situation got worst and I'm affraid it'll will continue that way. Sounds pessimistic but that's what we have now.

Odesk, do something!... Smiley Very Happy