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Aneta T Member Since: Jan 6, 2015
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as a tax and VAT payer in my country (the Czech Republic), I have to create an invoice for the projects I have done at oDesk to officialy document my incomes. For that, I need at least an address and maybe some tax identification numbers of oDesk. I tried to look it up at oDesk but I found plenty of offices with various adresses, nothing specific for invoicing. I do not know which adress to use or if any of those I found.


Does anyone have any experience with this problem? Does anyone know what data I could write in my invoice?



Thank you for your answers.



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Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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I am not a tax advisor, but technically, you shouldn't need the details of oDesk, since they're just the facilitator, but your client(s) since they're the ones who contracted and paid for your services. I have the same issue (Germany). Based on your clients location, you may or may not have to pay VAT. I only 'know' the rules for Germany, but I can apply a reverse-charge VAT clause on non-EU clients (more specifically US-based ones), and have to pay VAT for projects which were contracted by clients within the EU (my clients are typically US-based so I never actually had to do this). Since it's challenging to get all details from some clients, for some time, oDesk allowed the issuance of invoices in their name (you need to ask support, most likely several different agents until you find one who knows the answer). Again, I am not a tax advisor and you should get professional advice by an expert in your country.

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Lars H Member Since: Jun 26, 2015
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As an EU citizen and business I FULLY agree with Krisztina!


Before upwork changed the format of issuing the invoices it was absolutely fine with EU regulation as upwork itself as a Non-EU business issued the invoices. Now the freelancers issue the invoice (even if through upwork system) and the only thing that is given is a name.


Like this upwork is very unfortunately no legal alternative for EU businesses any more. All freelance jobs given to upwork are no longer deductible from the tax burden respectively cannot be deducted as cost.


Before - when upwork was the contractual partner of businesses - this was a big advantage compared to for example


So our European concerns do not refer to any tax or legal consulting that we require from upwork, we just give the hint that this new system (which came into effect mit June 2015) will be a severe legal barrier for businesses from the European Union to hire through upwork and provide freelance opportunities.


I hope the management team will reassess the change they habe put into effect this month!


We would really appreciate being able to continue working with upwork!


Here is a link showing the legal requirements businesses in the EU have to comply with when getting an invoice from the EU: (see the section "

What information must an invoice contain?")




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Lars H Member Since: Jun 26, 2015
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Sorry, I meant to agree with "ANETA".

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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oDesk emphatically declares:


"We aren't tax experts! Please consult a tax professional if you have questions or concerns about tax-related issues"


See here


I enthusiastically agree that oDesk is not a tax expert.


Think about this: How many of you would like to have the ODesk Customer Support Team help you prepare your taxes?


It is unfortunate that oDesk does not provide some resources that may be useful in preparing taxes, but it is unlikely you will find many helpful answers from oDesk itself when it comes to preparing your taxes. And given the fact that oDesk contractors and clients live in a couple hundred countries, oDesk is probably wise to not wade too deeply into the topic.


Having said that, the link above DOES have a bit of information, and does state that you can ask Customer Support "questions or concerns regarding the tax forms that oDesk files."


I would like to see the deer-in-the-headlights look in the eyes of the newbie non-native English speaker Customer Support representative when an oDesk contractor asks her a complex tax question about how his work on oDesk pertains to the 73,954-page U.S. tax code.

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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Good post PH, Kudos! ... I agree.


oDesk is a US based company (although I suspect that might change), and they should not engage in advising about taxation in other countries. Thus far, I am satisfied with the information oDesk has afforded US taxpayers. However, oDesk does not provide a meaningful, easy to use report for US taxpayers that will not receive the new 1099 form.


Who receives a 1099 form from oDesk?


A pink pig (OP avatar)? What's next?

Ron aka LanWanMan