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Invoice upfront payment and service

Hi,I found a client that would like to make use of my service. His only requirement is to send him an invoice in order to pay with the budget from the company he is working at. Is it possible to make an invoice upfront the payment? This is creating a service post on your platform, making an invoice and sending it to him? This way he can pay with the budget. After the payment through the invoice I can finish the service. Is this something that is possible here? If so, how do I proceed after making a service post?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Abdulkader,


We have two types of contracts from which you and your client can choose from. While none of these two includes paying upfront, basing on your situation, it sounds like a Fixed-Price contract may be suitable. Let me provide you an overview of how these two contracts work. I still advise you though to discuss this with your client so you may decide together which will suit you both.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Why not set up the project as a fixed-price contract with payment due (meaning escrow funded and released) upfront?


Abdulkader A wrote:

Hi,I found a client that would like to make use of my service. 

But you are posting from a client account... ?


Abdulkader A.,


Regardless what sort of account you are posting from, did you find a solution to your problem?