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Invoicing in italy without VAT

Hi everybody,

I am a freelancer with italian fiscal residence and I am really confused about how to manage payments here in Upwork. I completed my first job and i still don't have withdrawn the money because i don't know how to proceed. I hope somebody can help me with these doubts. For now, I don't have VAT number:

  1. To whom i have to do my ricevuta? Upwork or the client? I read some forums and replies are not the same
  2. When have I to do the ricevuta? The day in which I receive the money on my dashboard or when?
  3. The ricevuta needs to include all the money included taxes and fee? This way I would pay my ritenuta d'acconto on a percentage that I didn't receive, it sounds very weird (and not so fair).
  4. if the client is not italian but european, have i to do the ricevuta without ritenuta d'acconto?

Thank you very much in advance, 



Hello Sonia,


Thank you for reaching out. Laws vary greatly from country to country. We always advise checking with an accountant, tax advisor, or government website on your country's tax laws to get accurate information.

~ AJ
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Are you aware that you cannot make over Euro5000 per year with Ritenuta d'Acconto before you have to add the INPS Pension Scheme % to the 20% taxation, and before the Government transforms it into an employee job? How will you be able to claim that Upwork has hired you as a regular employee? Also, the date of the ricevuta must be the date of delivery of the work. And yes, the best option is asking a tax advisor and brief him/her about Upwork and how it works.

Thank you, I know about the regulations of ritenuta d'acconto in Italy, my questions were different..

Two people, including myself, answered your questions. Good luck

Thank you ☺️ it's crazy that such an important marketplace like Upwork doesn't give information about fiscality in the main countries of use.

It's not. They can't be expected to be up-to-date on tax regulations in 180 countries. 

Perceptions may vary. I find it crazy trying to work out tax regulations on your own and seeking help from community participants instead of talking to a competent tax advisor. 

I already asked to a tax advisor and he told me to ask to Upwork as I saw in many other forums. I only tried to find help by asking here because we are all in the same situation, do not attack people because they think that Upwork could help us more. I'm in peace

Hi Sonia,
I'm in the same situation, I don't have VAT number and I'm looking for informations about how to give the "ricevuta" to Upwork. Have you news on that? I cannot find detailed informations.

No, but in the end I made the ricevuta to Upwork. Now I have the VAT number and it should be the same with the invoice.
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