Invoicing problems: Has anyone contacted Upwork’s MOSS country?

I know through forums and social media that Upwork’s invoices within the EU has landed many translators in tax trouble due to Upwork’s billing system.

Upwork seems to act as an Escrow, managing VAT without actually following European regulations according to my tax office. I have written to Upwork but all I get is the usual nonsense; an apology and the promise that the problem will be fixed soon ( just as they seem to have been saying for years).

My question is simply: has anyone been in touch with their MOSS country to see if it can help? It shouldn’t be too hard considering MOSS contact info is readily available.

I am checking this question everyday. Not sure why no one is answering your question. Hope upwork team gives you your solution regarding vat issue soon.

I have had lengthy discussions with upwork staff about the problem. It resulted in:


1.  An apology for my inconvenience caused by a problem they have know about for years and not fixed.

2. Nothing helpful.


I have had to refund a client because of this. Written upwork to help me do it, but no reply to that one either.

Hi Maria,


I`m sorry about the bad experience you had. I checked your ticket and I can see that our team is communicating with you and answering all of your questions. If you have any additional questions please post them on your ticket and our team will assist you. Thank you!

~ Bojan