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Is Foreign Currency Applied to the Dollar Account? LOCAL BANK FRIEND UPWORK?




Why do I see TRY when registering bank accounts with currencies such as Dollar - Euro - Sterling with upwork? It's true that I'm making withdrawals through the Bank of Turkey, but when I see a TRY account even though the account is in USD. are you convert the dollar to Turkish lira and send it? This means that the bank will convert it to dollars again and I don't want to pay 2 times the exchange rate difference. Upwork can direct paid USD to USD Bank account? I don't want like this:


Upwork: USD → TRY → Local Bank


Local Bank: Hmm? TRY → USD, Conguratilations! You paid the exchange rate difference 2 times and lost your money.



I want like this:

Upwork: Hey Turkish Bank Catch That American Dollar!
Locak Bank: Ahh Upwork Dude! You are amazing meen I love you. Hey Emin, I deposited the US dollar directly into your dollar account with no exchange fee, Dude.

Me: Ohhh yeeeaaaAAASS! MUCH BETTER!


Thanks a lot






Hi Emin,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I would like to clarify that If you want to receive dollars to a USD account, you need to set up Wire Transfer payment method. If you set up a Direct to Local Bank payment method, you will receive the amount in your local currency.


Please know that wire transfers to non-U.S. Dollar accounts are subject to fluctuating rates on the foreign exchange market. Your bank will determine the exchange rate you will receive. 

~ Nikola

I do not fully understand. So when I transfer to USD account at local bank, will it go as USD→TRY→USD or directly as USD→USD?

Also, I couldn't get the answer to my question in the link you sent.



Hi Emin,


That depends on the payment method you use here on your Upwork account. If you use Wire Transfer to a local USD account, it will go USD→USD. However, if you try to use the Direct to Local Bank payment method to a local USD account, this may happen USD→TRY→USD. This is because the Direct to Local Bank payment method is designed for you to receive funds in your local currency, not USD. 


I hope that helps and please let me know if you have any further questions.


I guess I need to talk to my bank for this, right?

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Everyone wants their bank to talk to them that way. 

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