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Is Freelancers getting the benefit of Top Rated program?

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Gulzar A Member Since: May 26, 2015
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Hi friends!


I am really curious to know, Is Freelancers getting the benefit of Top Rated program?


Just share your thinking and experience my friend. But 1st let me share mine to you all.


I love oDesk. Since I joined early 2013, it's become my place to earn and live. I can't explain how grateful I am to oDesk. We all know oDesk is now Upwork, but don't know why can't replace the word "oDesk" from my heart and mind. But also know that, we have to grow up with this new name Upwork. Ok - it's not a big deal.


B4 Upwork, I was very pleased and happy to talk with new client about my past project, my feedback score, past client comments and my experience. I was invited and selected for interview very often. It was really very fun and enjoyable. But after Upwork and when new top rated program culture started, don't know why I am not getting such fun. I am still getting invitation and selected for interview but not getting such clients. It seems changing the names also changes the clients. "== That’s funny - right? ==" But this is the reason I want to know from you my friends. Other way actually I want some help from you to clear my mind. That's all.


Thank you


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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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I wouldn't be surprised if they added benefits to the program in the future, but as far as landing gigs, no I don't think it holds much value against someone who just gets it and has a killer proposal. I could see where it gets your proposal seen more often than without it, but with them auto-hiding proposals and all the drama around that, I'm not even sure there's an advantage in that regard either.


I lost the badge this sunday after my full Elance profile was imported. I knew that would happen. I still have an excellent response rate to my proposals albeit I've only sent maybe 3 this week. Out of those three, 2 people responded to me. I count a response as a positive on my stats even if I don't get the gig. That at least means they took the time to speak with me out of the other 50 proposals in their face.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I have a Top Rated badge.


But I don't know how I would tell if it benefits me or not. Of course I don't think it hurts me in any way, so I'm glad to have it.


But I received a lot of invitations and had high success with submitting job proposals before I had the badge, and that hasn't changed since I received the badge.

I also added an introduction video and I added portfolio items. I have had additional positive reviews added to my job history.


I have seen an increase in job offers, but how can I know the exact cause? Maybe there are simply more clients in need of the expertise I provide...


I'm sure many contractors are in a similar situation.


Quite possibly the "Top Rated" badge is of more use to potential clients than it is to me, because theoretically it helps them pick out top-quality contractors if they're looking for that kind of thing.


But Jennifer is right... The Top Rated badge is not the final word or only word in picking out contractors. As a client I have had great Top Rated contractors work for me, and I have also had non-top-rated contractors do work for me who I thought were better than some Top Rated contractors.

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Wassim T Member Since: May 29, 2015
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I'm wondering why most of your Elance jobs didn't have any rating? It seems you are doing incredibly well! It's a pity for someone like you not to be Top Rated.


Also, what happened to that client who rated 1/5? That appeared pretty harsh! Did it take you too long to recover from that one bad rating or people could just understand that things can go wrong sometimes? I am asking because I always ask myself this question... What happens when one of your clients provide a really bad rating, does it affect your overall job winning rate or what... And did other clients asked you about this rating specifically?


You should get in touch with Upwork and find a way with them not to count unrated projects in the stats. This is SO unfair! On Elance it wasn't necessary for a client to leave review and it didn't affect the My Stats negatively. Now they're punishing you for a mistake you never did. How unfair is that!

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Scott E Member Since: Jul 26, 2015
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I am a holder of the fabled badge, but I've not really been here long enough to know if it's any good or not. I'd be curious to know what percentage of active freelancers are top rated though. Although I'm pretty sure it's not the 'be all and end all', the more people have the badge, I guess the tougher it is for people who don't have the badge.  

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Pandora H Member Since: May 11, 2010
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I've been Upwork since 2009, and got the Top Rated badge the minute it was launched. I had more invites and better response BEFORE that.




The Top Rated badge feature was introduced when Odesk changed the name to Upwork, and also when many of the changes to the site began to show up. Not to mention, Connects had been live for a month or two before that. And search results had been very bad for several months already.


So, with all of that, who knows if the Top Rated thing is worth anything. Yea, it looks nice. But actual practical advantage? Haven't seen any of those yet.


I get hired by the strength of my cover letter and the specific copy on my portofilo overview.


Anything else would be icing on the cake...if all those other issues were resolved.

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Sandeep C Member Since: Oct 24, 2013
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I remember i had the top rated badge for the first few weeks. What i feel is that It raises client's expectations. Getting top rated badge didn't increase number of interviews but got me clients who keep demanding modifications. clients who would give 4.5 stars but bad private score (my assumption). Needless to say I lost by badge in a few weeks.


When there was no top rated badge, we were only concerened with our star rating. Enter JSS. JSS decides whether freelancer gets noticed or not.  topp rated badge and Jss are new additions which we have to get used to. Whether we benifit from it, no. We still have to struggle to get good clients.

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Sujan S Member Since: Aug 14, 2015
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Hello Upworkers !


One of the perks on being top rated that upwork mentioned was exclusive invitations to job interviews but I'm getting none. In two months since I am here from elance I got only two profile views. ONLY TWO. One in each month, that's it. 


And honestly speaking I'm not seeing any difference before and after getting the badge. I don't care anymore if the badge stays or not, till now it's useless. I'm really confused if the system is working fine or my profile is not that much optimized to get clients attention. 


Do I have to make any changes to the title or the overview or send more proposals to get more profile views? I'm not even sure if I'm appearing on client's search results when they search for freelancers in my niche. 


Would love any suggestions.







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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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It is not just you that is top rated and not getting any invites. The badge is just that. The perks seem to have disappearred. One which was if you were top rated you would be viewed before others.


It just is not happening or if it is it sure isn't for me. I know others have had tons of invites, but some have skills others do not. In the competitive categories it seems everyone is in the same boat.


I posted a job and there were not top rated freelancers in recommended. But there were newbies in the recommended. Which I am still trying to figure out how someone who has no background on Upwork could be in the recommended list.

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Sujan S Member Since: Aug 14, 2015
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@Suzanne N wrote:



I posted a job and there were not top rated freelancers in recommended. But there were newbies in the recommended. Which I am still trying to figure out how someone who has no background on Upwork could be in the recommended list.

 Thanks for the information. I think it's a good thing that newbies are also featured on the clients recommended list. Everyone should get equal chance but what I'm disturbed is at the manner in whcih upwork recommends the list. 


How do I know that client got my proposal? Wouldn't it be nice if we get know that clients are reading our proposal ! Like with some kind of notification that "client just read your proposal!" It may not be possible with the system but atleast it would make me happy that my proposal is being read anad it's not in the gutter.