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Is Portfolio (My Projects) Working Correctly?

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Stephen R Member Since: Jun 19, 2015
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Aloha Graphic Gods,


When you compete a job on Upwork and add it to your portfolio shouldn't the job info just autofill?

That way it links to your job feedback, date, price, etc.

Then you just add the thumbnail and project file and your done.


In the days of Odesk we had this feature, I am not sure what happened?



Thank you in advance for your help,



"Because make me a Excellent Graphics Designer."

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Stephen R, this doesn't answer your question but having a link to your website in your profile is a policy violation. I suggest you remove it before Upwork forces you to remove it.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce