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Is Rising talent badge useful?

I have been active on upwork for one month and got 5 projects in that time without any JSS or rising talent badge. Last week I got  my rising talent badge, it made me happy hoping that I would get more response on my proposals. But ever since I got my badge, I haven't got a single response on 20 proposals I have sent. Is there any problem with my profile? Any suggestion or help would be appreciated. 

Thank you.


Vanesh, I don't think you need to explain that MBA means "Master's of Business Administration", but otherwise, I don't see anything objectionable with your profile.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce

Thanks John. Corrected that part of overview in my profile. The question still remains the same Why response rate on my proposals has declined? I have heard about the benefits of having rising talent badge but here I am experiencing quite the opposite.


Hi Vanesh,
When I got the Rising Talent badge, I actually got more responses than usual. I was interviewed on most of the ocassions and got hired in two or three jobs. And there were bonus connects of 60.  But as soon as I got my Job Success Score, I lost the Rising Talent ( Upwork Policy ) . I think it is useful for most of us.

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