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Is Upwork aware of this?

I've been working on Upwork for more than 15 years with nothing but breat work epxperience (Mostly!) 

In the last several weeks, I'm appalled to see that the job listings page has become a dumping ground for spanners, scammers and even weight-loss ads.

The 'retype document', 'convert from pdf' and 'simple data entry' postings are flooding the listings and repeating literally every two or three minutes. Almost every other job is requesting contact through external links, Telegram and what's app.

It's not hard to see that something is very wrong and it saddens me that Upwork is beginning to look like a very unsafe and unprofessional platform. In my opinion, the solution's simple. All clients must have a verified payment method before they can post jobs.

I hope the Upwork team us aware if tis issue and working to resolve it.


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Upwork is aware. 

All clients must have a verified payment method before they can post jobs.

Many scammers have verified payment. 

Thanks, Martina.

I just want to back up Ines' statement about the unverified 'clients.' There are spammers filling up the job posts literally... one has to scroll and scroll to get to something legitimate. And, as far as I have seen, and also read other freelancers describing the same, these 'clients' are mostly unverified.

The situation is beginning to border on the absurd, because of how much time it takes to go through these spammers.

I sincerely hope that my describing this, and backing up Ines' description, is helpful.


Janet Still APRN MSN FNP

I filter them out by "no hires" to avoid them. 

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