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Is an email interview legit?

I applied for work here and received an email interview request and I asked for a video interview and the person refused. The company is called**Edited for Community Guidelines** is this legit? 

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No. Never contact eml\skype\telegram\etc before contract started.\

Company name don't matter, scammers using random names.

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Sometimes you may receive an email about a job offer, but it has to be through Upwork. However, the big red flag is the refusal to do a video meet.


The name will be redacted for "community guidelines." That just means you can't use identifiers in accusations in the forums.


This client is a scammer. When they run away and cut contact, they are definite scammers. No legitimate client behaves that way. I insist on at least a conversation if not a quick video, unless it is a previous client.

Please read this post and pay special attention to the Red Flags from Wes. There are many, many scammers here, and you must protect yourself.


Good for you for being concerned and bringing it to the forum. Please be cautious because Upwork won't protect you, you must protect yourself.

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