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Is anyone using the app Line2 outside the US or Canada?

Hello there!


My client recently asked me to start using the app "Line2" to make calls but I couldn't install it on my phone or laptop because i'm in Colombia. Is there someone else using this app outside of the US or Canada? I tried to install it using a free VPN but didn't work.


Any suggestion or feedback will be greatly appreciated.



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I'd be very suspicious if the client wants you to communicate of Upwork, and you can't do that until after a contract is in place.

Oh no, I'm sorry. I think I didn't explain myself well. We already have a
contract, I was using skype to make calls but now she wants me to use that
other app, as a part of the project I'm currently working on.

Anyway, I found the Apk on the internet and I'm already using it.

Thanks for the advice.

Best regards.

If you have a contract, you can use any tool you want to communicate.

Well, except for telepathically. I believe that is barred as explained in Section 46, subsection 221 A, paragraph 64, line 2008 of the ToS. But I could be mistaken.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Daniel, 

I'm not familiar with the app. But have you tried checking their website? 

~ Avery

He is already using the app.

So he must have figured something out.

Oh! I didn't see the other post load. 

Thanks, Preston! 😄

~ Avery
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Yep! I found the Apk and took the risk.

Thank you!
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