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Is contacting via Skype or GotoMeeting Necessary? Can't clients/ contractors use odesk messenger?

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Ussama N Member Since: May 29, 2017
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Hello fellow community members! 

Does. anyone else have reservations about contacting Clients outside of upwork. I understand that some clients would want to talk instead of type to make sure that the contractor understands their needs. However if the upwork messanger has video and audio calling why is it necessiary for clients to request meetings via Skype or 


I recently got the following message in my inbox and I'd like to know what other contractors think about it. Should I go ahead with the request? Is this against upworks terms and conditions?


Ussama thank you for your interest. Can we meet via gotomeeting 10 hours from now, at 8:30 AM, New York time tomorrow Wednesday? I would like to meet you to explain the details f the image we wish for you to illustrate.

Am I being overly cautious? Would highly appriciate the opinion of seasoned illustrators selling on Upwork.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Have you ever tried the Upwork voice / video thing? I have never managed to make it work.


Anyway, I will talk to clients any which way that is convenient for the client and myself. Nothing wrong with that.


(the only exception would be Google Hangouts, as that is what all the scammers use)

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Jason R Member Since: Jun 21, 2017
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I'd be completely fine with contacting them outside of Upwork for the sake of a video/voice call. I like to keep my clients happy, so if they're more comfortable using another service then that's the service I'll use (within reason of course).


However, the only thing I'd be cautious of is making sure that all written communication and sharing of files is done through Upwork. For one thing, it's way more organised that way, but it could also land you in hot water if you slip into a routine of continuing to work with the client entirely outside of Upwork and "forget" to bring it back into Upwork when it counts—finalising the contract and getting paid.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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I will for bigger projects. I tell them no for smaller ones. If I was new, I'd probably be more open to it but with my history there is no need to talk to me for a $100 article.

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Althea Maefe S Member Since: Nov 6, 2014
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I only go for what the client is more comfortable with. If they want Skype, then Skype. If Slack, then Slack. Some clients prefer to use other communication apps because it's integrated with their business or routine. 


I also prefer not to use Upwork's messenger app because Upwork goes down a lot and if I ever have to go ack review past conversations - well good luck with that. 


But I also make it to a point to send important messages on the Upwork messaging app just in case, like sending files and regular updates.