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Is https://www.upwork.com/ag/proposalsforupwork/ against TOS ?

This appears to be an agency whose sole job is to spam/bid on projects, then pass it to other freelancers, taking a cut in the middle.


One of their reviews literally states:


"Fantastic experience working with the team. The guys sent 54 proposals and I got 5 interviews. This is an awesome result for my niche. Will get more work done with them!"


Why is this practice allowed? It spams clients (like myself) and makes things more competitive for freelancers not using bidding-middlemen.



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I have flagged your post, because it would be good to get an answer from a moderator on this.  That page comes up as if it is an official upwork page. 


I'm 99.9% sure it's a third party agency, not Upwork itself. As far as I can tell, the practice is very unfair:


1. freelanchers who pay this third party middlemen get more contracts

2. freelanchers who do NOT pay this third party middlemen get less contracts

3. clients get spammed


4. this third party middlemen -- not sure what value they produce -- is getting paid to reroute upwork job posts


Hi TongKe,


Thank you for flagging this. I have shared your report with the relevant team to investigate and take action based on our internal processes. In the future, feel free to use the "Flag as Inappropriate" option throughout the site to report any suspicious activity.


Thank you,


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