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Is it a scam?

I recently completed a project. They said the payment hasn't been processed bcoz my account is not linked with their complete. It made sense since I was/am facing an issue with linking my bank account with Upwork. They then shared how I'll be an remote employee and get an id card after my next project as they were very impressed by my work.  They said for the payment to process I've to obtain employee portal. For that I need to make a refundable registration fee of $80. And then I'll recieve the payment right away. It sounds like a scam. The email was from Raptive LLC. I don't know if I should even proceed with it. I don't think so I will but I just want to make sure if it is a scam or not. Has anyone else also recieved a job from them?

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Yes it was a scam they will also show you fake transactions and told you that your payment is just 1 step ahead don't go for that type scams and frauds also never pay anytype of pre payment just for getting your own payment 

Such type of scammers usually use telegram to contact or messenger fb

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100% Scam

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