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Is it acceptable for a client to ask me to work on a peer-to-peer network computer?

This client sent me an invitation for a project and I accepted. I was a little skeptical as I am new to Upwork and only have a few completed projects. I was surprised that a client with a verified payment status and who has spent over $4000 would invite a newbie. But, I accepted the invitation anyway. I asked about the details of the project but the client said she would elaborate via phone call and asked for my number. I did give her my official phone number, and received a call after a while. She asked me if I was comfortable working on Adobe suites. Then she created a contract on Upwork. I was a bit relieved. Few hours later {now) she is asking me to work on her computer through Webex. I have been trying to convey in every possible polite manner that there's no point of me working on the Adobe suites on her computer when I have my own. Also, the cursor is not working real-time through webex. And, even if it does, I doubt how my work would be protected in case they keep my work on their computer and refuse to pay. What should I do now? Also, if I cancel the contract, will my JSS be affected? Is there anyway in which this client can leave a negative review/impact on my Upwork profile if I cancel the contract? Please, help me out with this.

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Your first mistake was to give this client your phone number; it's against Upwork's terms of service to supply contact information or discuss projects off of Upwork before a contract is in place. As for her request that you work on her computer, it definitely sounds odd to me that somebody would want you to work in a slower/inefficient manner. You must have asked her why she wanted to do this, so what did she say? And what does the work involve?


If you want to cancel the project and not charge anything, then she won't be able to give you a public review, but she could still give you a private review that could hurt your JSS. 

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Hi Rishav

Continuing on what Christine said, just a piece of advice, NEVER accept an offer unless you discussed and with the client, all the details, agreed on them all, and there is no problem with anything. Also, make sure that you have any needed files (Materials) to get started.

This will grant both you and the client peace of mind. And the possibility of any potential negative feedback is very low, as everything was agreed on up front.


I wish you the best of luck.

Youssef **Edited for Community Guidelines**

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If you are being paid hourly, the client "owns" each hour's output. So, it doesn't matter where the output is saved. If you are working by milestone, then again, you would have to turn over the work before payment is transferred--so where it is stored doesn't matter. 
I don't know if there is some scam that the client could operate that would involve using webex. I agree that it is unusual for new freelancers to receive invites and contracts so easily. Maybe you could do a Google search using terms related to the offer and see if others have mentioned a scam. 

Tonya P wrote:

I don't know if there is some scam that the client could operate that would involve using webex. 

My first thought was that this client was hired to do an hourly job herself, and decided to farm out the work to a cheaper freelancer. Would somebody be able to use Webex to run the time tracker while another freelancer does the work? 

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