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Is it allowed to post these kind of jobs on Upwork?

I'm a mechanical engineer and came upon this very weird job posting. But does Upwork allow fake information about vaccination against covid-19 on its platform?

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Apparently not.

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Let me just copy-paste the lines from a job post I recently saw.


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The client is basically asking for freelancers who can defy the laws of thermodynamics. I just dont know what to say about such job posts from conspiracy theorists. Maybe just ignore and move on. I dont think Upwork has any policy against them as long as they are paying clients.

Upwork won't make judgments about the quality of freelancers' work, so they certainly wouldn't make a judgment about the potential of a new technology, even if the technology would only work in Lalaland.

I agree with Will.


It is definitely not Upwork's job to make determinations about the scientific validity of a client's project, or the aesthetic validity, or theological validity, etc.


A job should be taken down if it violates Upwork's TOS. For example, if a job is really a scam trying to get money from a freelancer rather than pay a freelancer.


A job should not be taken down if the client is really paying the freelancer to work, but an Upwork user disagrees with some aspect of the job.


For example, if a client posts a job hiring a freelancer to help compile data from UBI studies in different countries, but a freelancer does not believe in UBI, the freelancer who sees the job post should not contact Upwork Support and ask that the job be taken down.


Zohaib wonders about "conspiracy theorists."


But what is a "conspiracy theorist" in the context of Upwork job posts? It could be defined as "someone I disagree with."


So I agree with Zohaib that the proper approach is to ignore those jobs if they don't fit into your own belief system.


For a vegan, anybody involved in the meat industry or bee-keeping industry or anybody involved with drug testing in rats could be considered a "conspiracy theorist." But that doesn't mean Upwork should ban all jobs related to those industries. (Or others, such as wool apparel.)

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