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Is it aloud if my father makes me a job offer on Upwork?


My father is a CEO at one company and from time to time I help him with some design tasks for his business. Of course, he pays me for my time and I wonder — I'm new to Upwork, and what if he will make a contract for me here? Is it ok? I don't want to get banned so any info would be really appreciated.


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Ilya E wrote:


I don't want to get banned

Then don't do it.


Interesting how your only client so far also joined Upwork, hired you and left feedback all within one day.... and comes from the same town... 



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Thank you for your reply, Petra.


I'm trying to bring my clients to Upwork now since I've discovered this platform for myself. For some, I've created direct contracts and for others, I'm trying to convince that it is easier to work via Upwork. Actually had an idea to process every possible contract via Upwork but it looks like I should take contracts only from Upwork. 

Thanks once again!

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