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Is it best to submit proposals immediately a project is posted or wait a short while?

Following the advice of many YouTube channels and blogs about freelancing on Upwork, I try to submit proposals as soon as possible after a project is posted. The premise seems to be that the client is more likely to look at submitted proposals soon afterward.


However, I know that clients invariably get flooded with proposals, often automated ones, as soon as their project is advertised. I also believe that many of those 'early' submissions are from people who are often totally unsuited to the job and that they usually haven't even read the project requirements fully. Furthermore, they just stick in a price that is at or way below the client's budget, totally distorting both the project's (and freelancers') worth and the client's expectations.


I'm just wondering if there is any merit in waiting a short while for the initial flurry of 'bogus' proposals to die down before submitting? How do good clients actually shortlist masses of submissions - they surely don't go through them all? How do you get your proposal to stand out from the crowd of chaff that clients get flooded with?


Thoughts, please.

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Personally I don't believe in timings that much. A perfect proposal sent half hour later after fully studying the project scenario is far better than one sent in haste. Although, I also disagree with sending proposals to jobs posted days before.  

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