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Is it going to effect my JSS


Last week, I was hired by an European client on a fixed price contract, he also funded the amount. Now the issue is he is not providing information to start working on his project. It has been around 8 days and I am doing my follow ups as well. 


Today, I got a reply from him, said that he will send me the information later, when he will have time, So it means I have to hold for unlimited time, So what happen in this situation? My JSS going to be changed!? 


I had read on JSS and pending contracts can put bad effect on my JSS and I always try to peak clients who are active, but in this case I am stucked. So not sure what to do, if I end the contract then its going to be more worst in current system. 


Would be happy to get suggestions from experts. 


Thanks in advance. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Farhana,


Only open contracts with prolonged period of inactivity can affect your Job Success Score, which is not the case here. Please make sure to discuss the job in detail before accepting an offer.


I also see you requested the release of funds on that contract nine days ago, so you might want to consider informing your client to reject your request, in order to avoid any misunderstanding with them.


Hi Vladimir,

I have similar issue, I have a contract with a funded milestone, but I still wait information from the client. Now they do other work before I can start mine.

How can I cancell the last milestone to free their funded money?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Evgeny,


Your client can end the contract if they want to refund the Milestone amount. This way they will be prompted to leave feedback on your contract and can easily rehire you later for the same job.