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Is it obligatory to pay to mark that I am available for work ???

Hello all, 
I am working approximatively 2 years for one client, and the other is, for now idle (as he is working in tourism industry, I think that he is waiting for better times). I just found out that I can manage one more contract, and I just wanted to change my profile to available, but I do not find the option, I only found that option to put a badge, which costs connects...??? 
Is there other solution to put my profile "on", knowing that I am still earning money (so my account is active?) 


Thanks 🙂

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- It is called hours per week what you are looking for. Currently your hours per week is set less than 30 hours which indicates you are available. 


- "available now" is the new feature of Upwork to highlight that you are available now. However, this is not mandatory. 


- your account is active and public that's why I have been able to have a look.


Hello, thank you for your clarification ! I was working a lot, and almost not looking on my front page, so, today when I wanted to note that I have time to do one more project, I was surprised to see that the interface changed. I will check the link with the answer how to change my availability hours 😊

Thank you a lot one more time 😊
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Hi Carine, 

I can confirm that your account is active. To add to what Md Nazmul has shared, you can set your hours by following the steps here

I want to clarify that the "Availability" badge is created to help you signal to clients that you are ready for new work now. Clients will see your badge in search results, recommendations, and on your profile, and will know you’re eager for new work. Turning on the availability badge is a way to use your Connects to control your workflow and manage your time. Please check this help article on how this feature works. 

Please take note that this feature is optional, and it does not impact where you appear in search results.

~ Avery
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Thank you Avery for your explanation !
I was puzzled by the new option, as it changed the old "available from that date/now" option which was free - I see that now you must pay the "now available" badge with connects. 
Kind regards, 


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