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Is it possible someone else is using my account?

Hi. The last time I used oDesk for work was in 2012. I returned to my full-time job and it is only this year 2018 that I opened my Upwork account. I am surprised and now worried that someone else has been using my account because I saw activities (archived jobs and interviews) that I never did and jobs I would never apply because neither am I a web developer nor any other sort; and especially tha t these happened between 2012 and 2017 when I had totally not visited/opened my account. 


It is to be noted though that I am still able to log in/out of my account using my log in info with then oDesk. What could be happening here? Has there been someone else using my account pretending to be me? 


I would appreciate any thoughts and advices please.





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Possibly. I can't be sure though.


You should have changed your password by now.


Also, go to your "Settings" and see if anything has been changed.

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Those were probably unanswered invites which eventually went into your archived proposals folder.


Your responsiveness score will be horrendous.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Joy, 

The team is currently checking your account. They will reach out to you via email if they have more information about your account. 

UPDATE: Hi Joy, the Customer Support Team will reach out to you with more information. 

~ Avery
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