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Is it possible to hide 'task' jobs from Work History?

I have a 100% JSS, is it possible to not show low pay and no feedback jobs in Work History on my profile?
I have 1 low pay task job, and a no feedback, would like to not show them in my profile, as they really do nothing for me, and are not really specialized to my services.


If it is possible, would it lower my displayed Completed jobs, or Total jobs?

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There is no way for a freelancer to hide their work history on Upwork; you can only sort the list of completed jobs. As far as I know, Top-Rated, Top-Rated Plus, and even Expert-Vettend freelancers cannot hide their work histories.


Maybe you could sort your work history to Highest Rated and see if the lowest rated (or no-rated) job shows last. That might prevent some clients from seeing it since many may not scroll that far. If you had several pages of work history, sorting with Highest Rated might bury the no-rated job, but with seven (7) jobs, all of them will appear on one page.

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The sorting option is only for the sort that is being viewed. Set to Largest project, it displays largest first, but it doesn't affect the default sorting in public view of my profile.

Not a major deal, just not jobs really relevant to my services.

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Yes... I see what you're getting at. The work history sort is only shown to you and doesn't remain sorted for public views of your profile.


It would be nice if it would.


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This is possible.

I saw it when created specialized profile. Selected only jobs i want to show. Unsure is it Toprated ability or available for all.

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