Is it upwork algorithm?

hi all,


i dont know if anyone else is feeling the it has become pretty regular that i have 1-2 great weeks at upwork and then nothing for another 1-2 weeks and all of sudden interviews and projects start to flow...


i still feel the  recommendation of alternate freelancers bidding to clients email are behind all this..i have raised this issue earlier also that client is intimated about few recommended proposals to his/her email and i guess i am being alternatly recommended in same way...and most of the clients simply interview or choose the ones recommended through email




Recommendations alternate. Profiles alternate. This gives everyone exposure. Thus, conceivably, people might get recommended to clients for a while and then it stops when the next rotation starts. This does not mean you cannot apply to whatever you want to apply for. I have very seldom applied for or accepted jobs for which Upwork has recommended me.