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Is it wise to have 2 open contracts with the same client?

Community Guru

Assuming it's a new client, is it wise to have 2 open contracts with them? Wouldn't the risk be higher (if they didn't like it they can have double say in reviews)

Community Guru

lol Is this the same $2100 client? oh lawwwwdy, you dun got yourself into a pickle.

Yea for some reason they called Upwork and upwork recommended them to start a separate contract with me since it's a different scope... But really it's the same project. I told them to use milestones but it's hard to argue with what Upwork rep told them you know... I would never do more than 1 active contract with any client, especially a new one.

Sounds like the contract is already a wreck. If you've delivered what was asked, then I suppose you could tell them that they get one more round and everything needs to be documented so that you can go through and make sure you cover everything, but after that revisions are out of scope.


Not knowing any details, nobody can really tell you what to do. You need to figure it out, but definitely don't open a second contract. They can't add a new milestone without releasing the current one, which I think is why they were looking at another contract.

Yea, I've been stressing over this for a few weeks. They are rarely available during the day and then when they are ready they expect you to drop everything and rush their project first. Huge micromanagers.