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Is it wise to respond every Interview message?

Ace Contributor

I was looking for an answer all through the internet, Upwork FAQ and Upwork community but didn't get an answer that can satisfy me.  I hope experience and experts may have the answer.


Upwork says freelancers should response to all queries/calls of clients to keep good reputation no matter if you're declining the job. On the other hand, I found a post where and expert author says, "It’s great to be enthusiastic and passionate about your work. However, that doesn’t mean you should agree to (or submit proposals for) every project that comes your way." and Upwork also refer this post to become successes in  Upwork.


Now the situation arises when I'm getting too many interview messages from different clients even after updating my availability status. I had to accept the interview to let the client know that it might not possible for me to perform for his job because of my current work load. When I reply, it goes into active candidacy and submitted proposal section. If I follow the advice in the post, I shouldn't reply to the client. But, it also put negative impact and create a bad reputation for me that I'm not responding properly to client's messages.


Now what shall I do in this case?

Community Guru

Yes, respond to EVERY invitation.


But do not accept every invitation to interview.  You can DECLINE an invitation. That still counts as a response.


Decline or accept invitation to interview. Both count positively toward your responsiveness score.


There are no negative effects on your profile if you decline.


Click decline button and click button why (e.g. "too busy"). It's quick and easy.