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Is it worthy to apply for a job with 15 or 20 number proposals?

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It's really a personal decision by which criteria you apply. If the job seems absolutely perfect, 15-20 would not deter me. But you never know how far the client will scroll down on his list of proposals.

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I would, but I have so many connects, if they were worth money (hey yo! soooooooon!), I could feed a city.

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I think it depends on whether you have something to set you apart from the crowd. I've been hired on jobs I bid on after there were dozens of proposals, but they were always firmly in my niche, where it was unlikely that more than a handful (if any) of the other freelancers had comparable credentials.

Depends on how old the job is, if it's already that high after 5-10 mins I don't bother...If it's hours old if it's suited my skills I'd still apply at that level

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With the new structure, meaning you can bid more credits, it may still be worth it. 

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