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Is sharing a link to book a call in the proposal authorized on Upwork ?

Hello everyone, 


I want to know if sharing a link to a personal calendar or appointment booking page with a client in the first proposal cover letter considered as "sharing your contact information" or is it something we can do without issues?


The objective is to make it easy for the client to book a date for an interview, and of course, the interview might be on any platform. 


BUT we all know that not all clients will respond to the proposal, some might only schedule an interview and then it would be hard - from an Upwork point of view - to know if people are really getting hired on the platform. This is why I want to make sure this thing is allowed before I even consider using it.


... and of course, I know this is a normal thing to do once the client already initiates the interview on Upwork. 


P.S: I've read this idea somewhere on a Freelancer blog showing the best practices to write a proposal.


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Interesting question as to whether it violates TOS.  Regardless, I don't recommend it for this particular platform. I can see where it's a good practice for other platforms and a way to "reduce scheduling friction" but given how hard it can be to vet clients on this platform, I wouldn't share anything until you have a confirmed interest via them engaging with your proposal. 

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Community Manager

Hi Imene,


Thanks for the question. Please note that including contact information in proposals is allowed on our platform. We do strongly encourage users to keep the initial conversation on Upwork as a best practice, to ensure a safe and successful start of the contract.

~ Vladimir
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