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Is something wrong with my account?

Hi everyone. I’m really curious to know if something is wrong with my account. I have only just recently gotten back on Upwork and I do great designs. However I have only been able to seal just one project. I have not been getting replies to my proposals and I have not gotten any invitation.

I did a search to try and find myself too and I could not find my profile. Can anybody help me look into my profile? Maybe something is wrong? I will be happy to take any advises. Thanks.
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Hey Kayode.


I have the same question, I've been on Upwork for over 2 weeks now and can't seem to secure projects. I've applied for only 3 but it's hard when most of the projects require a success score, something of which new freelancers would not have. I suspect it is extremely competitive but it would be good to know from Upwork what is the best way to hit the ground running when you sign up for this platform, or if there is something missing on our accounts. 

Welcome to Upwork and I hope we overcome this. What niche is that?
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