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Is that legal to be asked to complete Google forms to be considered for Upwork job application?

Hi! After applying on job here I have got this reply from potential client:


Send email with the subject line: Talented T-Shirt Designer
Send email to: …. @gmail.com
Please include a link to your Upwork.com profile within the email you send when you apply
Complete the Google form you will receive in an email (see note below)

NOTE: After you send email, you will receive a response from me with a link to a Google form. Please complete the questions in the Google form. Forms that are not completed or only partially complete will not be considered for this position.

 Is that legal? I wasn't asked for personal details, money and so on yet, this client has some normal story here.

Kind regards



Hi Tatiana,


Can you please send me a DM with more information about this including screenshots so that we can investigate further? Thank you!

~ Joanne
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It is a scam.  If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck it is a duck.  Also, in general rely on your natural instincts.  When you have doubts about something unusual, walk away.

lt "could" be a scam, but there is certainly nothing "illegal" about being asked to complete a google doc and many of the very large Enterprise clients use such methods to manage their recruitment process.


Personally I would look at the job, the client's history and payment method verification status, and if I was really interested in the job I might take a look at the google doc that is to be completed.



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