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Is the job real?

I was contacted my a client to interview for the job, the payment is verified and I’m just worried it’s a scam. My partner just fell for a scam so I’m unsure.

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You have to give us something to work with here. If you link the job it will get cleared off by the mods so let’s start simple:
How do they want to interview you?
Why do you think they are scamming you?

They can’t scam you by talking to you anyway, there will always be a next step.
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When I do not block my account (due to being too busy with current clients), then I am regularly contacted by new potential clients - out of the blue - people I have never heard of - who want to interview me for a job. They nearly always are very serous about hiring me and they want to pay me good money to do the kind fo work that I like to do. These are not scams. MOST clients who use Upwork are good people and behave professionally. Most are NOT scammers.


Nothing you are telling us indicates a scam.


BUT: If you are:

- a new Upwork user

- live in the United States

- an entry-level worker


...Then an unsolicited invite probably IS a scam.


If the client wants to talk to you using Google Hangout, then this is a scam.


Like Mark says.. what more can you tell us?

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