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Is the keyword search broken for anyone else?..

I'm trying to search for freelancers with a very specific skill set to see what they include in their profile. However, even when I enter extremely specific keyword strings that I swear I saw being used in a lot of profiles - I get nothing. Narrowing down the search requirements results in the same thing. I keep getting freelancers vaguely related to one of the keywords or none at all. For example, I was searching something related to fantasy character art specifically - and I kept randomly getting logo designers that sometimes even didn't have any of the listed keywords in their profile. But when I searched for other things, I saw freelancers listing that exact keyword string in their profile, and they didn't show up in the specific search.
How does this algorithm work?.. I used to get offers almost every day a while back, now no wonder there aren't even any views of my profile.

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