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Is the new "connects needed to apply" policy a joke???

What's going on here? Why connects needed to apply for jobs is skyrocketing? I'm okay with 4-8 connects for potential clients & projects but why it's the same for new clients with not verified payment method & 0% hire rate??? Seriously upwork???


N.B: See attached screenshot

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It's normal for business to "innovate". We will just see where this will lead them into. 


To me this means I can only submit 1 proposal per month. Unless if I got interviewed and somehow I still get the bonus connects (still got them on February). The low proposal view rate is a problem as well, less chance of being interviewed.



For new freelancers like me who don't get bonus connects, it's a big problem. I spend quite handsome amount to buy connects. On top of that, clients rarely interact with freelancers from Asia region now a days!!

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Regarding the issue of Upwork's "connects needed to apply" policy, it is important to note that this policy is intended to help clients find high-quality freelancers more efficiently, while also reducing the number of low-quality applications that clients receive. By requiring freelancers to spend a small number of connects to apply for each job, it encourages them to be more selective in their applications and only apply for jobs that they are truly qualified for. Additionally, the number of connects required to apply for a job is based on various factors such as the job's budget, category, and other criteria. This means that jobs posted by new clients with not verified payment method & 0% hire rate may require fewer connects to apply for than jobs posted by established clients with a high hire rate.


It is also worth noting that connects can be earned through completing projects, purchasing them directly from Upwork, or upgrading to a paid membership. Freelancers can also receive a limited number of free connects each month. While the new "connects needed to apply" policy may be a change from what freelancers are used to, it is designed to benefit both clients and freelancers by improving the overall quality of job applications and making the hiring process more efficient.

Utku, you've been posting the exact same corporate nonsense in basically every post on this forum.


Upwork's connect system is not meant to help clients find the right freelancers. It's meant to provide revenue for Upwork. That's it. Let's call it what it is.

If Upwork had any intention of reducing the number of low-quality applications, they wouldn't have gotten rid of the Upwork Readiness Test. In fact, they would have expanded it, made it harder, and made it a requirement to earn any badges on the platform. And don't even get me started on the boosting system.


And the amount of connects required to apply for a job doesn't depend on the client's hire rate or whether or not their payment method is verified. It depends on the potential earnings of the job. That's why obvious scams with ridiculously high rates still require 8 connects.

Ze Eduardo,


Upwork's connect system is designed to help freelancers apply for jobs on the platform. The system requires freelancers to use a certain number of connects to submit proposals for job postings. The number of connects required depends on the potential earnings of the job. Upwork introduced this system to improve the quality of proposals being submitted and to ensure that freelancers are only applying for jobs they are truly interested in and qualified for.


Regarding the Upwork Readiness Test, it was discontinued in 2018 as Upwork believed that it was not an effective measure of a freelancer's skills and capabilities. Instead, they introduced other measures such as skills tests and verified reviews from past clients to help clients evaluate freelancers' skills and experience.


It's worth noting that while Upwork does earn revenue from the connect system, it is not the primary objective of the system. The main goal is to ensure that clients receive quality proposals from freelancers who are genuinely interested in the job. While there may be differing opinions on the effectiveness of Upwork's connect system, it is designed with the goal of helping both clients and freelancers succeed on the platform.

I honestly can't tell if I'm talking to an actual person or an AI-generated response aimed at promoting Upwork's policies. That alone should tell you that something's wrong with the lack of critical thinking on your part.

"Upwork's connect system is not meant to help clients find the right freelancers. It's meant to provide revenue for Upwork. "


How can it possibly be difficult for you to understand that when clients find good freelancers and continue to work with them, Upwork collects fees...and when clients are overwhelmed by a flood of garbage proposals and leave the site without hiring, they do not?

Tiffany, you seem to come at me at any chance you get, but you're fighting windmills here.

I 100% agree with you that having an avalanche of terrible proposals is off-putting to any client (I'm a client here myself). What we disagree on is the solution. To me, the solution is to create a barrier for new freelancers to join the platform and to purge the platform of any unskilled freelancers instead of preying on their willingness to waste money on connects.

I was absolutely fine with the connect system, before the boosting system.

I don't actually pay attention to who made a comment. I just respond to irrationality. For example, when someone says Upwork doesn't care about helping clients find the right freelancers efficiently, just about making money, as if those two things were separable. 


I agree with you about the barriers to entry. Upwork used to make it harder for new freelancers to join, and used to boot people off the platform if they weren't getting hired. It wasn't enough, but it was somewhat better. I believe the reason they aren't doing that now is the shift in their business model. Large numbers will be attractive to the new sorts of clients they are targeting, and I also expect that skill level will be far less important moving forward. In fact, I don't think highly skilled, specialized freelancers will have any place here when the transformation is complete. 

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I stand firm with Eduardo. Ridiculous jobs with non-verified clients & 0% hire rate needs 8 connects these days!!! It's not only ridiculous but also painful. Upwork never cared for freelancers, their goal is to lure more clients whatever is the cost. Obviously, the cost is all paid by freelancers! PERIOD!! 

Your last statement seems a little silly in view of the fact that they've recently announced that clients will be paying a $4.95 fee just to set up a contract...each and every time they hire.

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