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Is there a new payout " Get Paid " System that we are not aware of?

I need my fellow freelancers' input here on the "Get Paid" system
Everything worked perfectly, I requested the money on Friday early morning, and I received the confirmation instant around 11:00 pm UTC, then I received the confirmation that the payment had been processed, and on Monday very early morning, I received the payment in my account. this was happening every week with no problems
This week ( probably a new payout system that we have never been informed of ), the payment request was done 1 week ago on Thursday and the payment processing took place Friday after 12:00 UTC, the new thing is that in the processing email, they added a fine line note that the payment will be received in 5 business days.
I requested another amount to my other bank account and I noticed that Upwork did not process the payment the same day as all the weeks until the week before, they delayed the processing by 2 days, and still an ugly message in the email confirmation.
I am a TRP and according to Upwork we have the benefit of getting paid early ( Friday before Wednesday), that's fine and it was perfect but with the new system, there is no benefit.

Questions that we need to raise and discuss:
1- Why we "Freelancers" are always the "Underdog" in the equation?
if there is a dispute 98% of cases we lose for the clients, our JSS is fragile, we are not protected against fraud or those "clients" who misrepresent their IDs because we are obliged to verify our IDs ( which is great by the way ), but it is not mandatory for clients!!

2-We have commitments and :
- Bills to pay.
-Family to feed.
- Medicine to buy.
-Expenses to take care of.
- Licenses,...etc.
- We may need to spend them to have fun as those are well-earned money we worked hard to make them and we paid the service fees before initiating the payout. 

But above all that we have something called "Dignity", we are human beings and deserve the least courtesy which is advising us on the new payout system months before and one month before( as a reminder) applying the system and giving us the right to accept or decline but applying a system unannounced and just sticking a line in an email and the customer services agents sharing a link that has a poorly written content that does not, this is not the way we should be treated.

I wonder if the person(s) who took that decision even thought about this species called "Freelancers", I wonder if they checked the calendar and saw that Monday, Tuesday 25/26 December ( here in Italy ) are off( bank holidays), Monday 1/1/2024 is also a bank holiday, and they are claiming 5 working days with a new system forced on all of us and we were not advised of.

It is frustrating, I am one of those who always report suspicious postings, clients, scammers,...etc as I consider Upwork to be our family and want to be as safe and clean environment as possible, but it appears to me that it is a one-sided feeling and someone there is playing God and does not care about the "Freelancers" species

We are all grateful for the opportunity but we have paid, we pay, and will pay for the service ( it is not 100% free )

I would love to hear my fellow freelancers' thoughts on that and if someone from Upwork customer service wants to give us input it would be great, I do not have a problem sharing screenshots from my email and bank account to prove everything I mentioned and  that I am not messing around

The last question to whoever decides those things
Now we are 5 days away from my Christmas, what is your version? "Santa" or "The Grinch"

Happy Holidays to all!

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Hi Abulhassan, it seems Upwork changed the bank for the wire transfer from Ireland to the UK (Non-Sepa), you will have higher fees charged from your bank that now were non in addition to delay times. Curiously I don't see any new line on the 'processed payment' emails. The 5 business days have been there forever on my emails. What link are you referring to shared by Costumer Service Agents?

Check my post here -> https://community.upwork.com/t5/Freelancers/Direct-to-Local-Bank-withdrawal-not-showing-in-my-accoun...

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Hi Joao
Here is the link they shared with me, it is useless
And if they switched banks from IE to the UK, they never heard of BREXIT?
This is exactly what I wrote in my post "Freelancers" are never considered a priority and an asset, whoever made that decision was a genius choosing the alternative country and the timing

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Got own money within last week. Payment took 2 days incl banking transfer. Norhing changed for me, all as always (2-4 days total). Used direct to bank option (SWIFT). No delays by Upwork, request was processed winhin couple of hours.

When did you make the withdrawal? Where are you based?

To Ukraine. 

Sender is same UW Ecrow. Have no details about transit banks used.

But was it Friday 15? And you receive your funds on Monday this week?

Dec 19 received by my local bank. 

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This is the way it used to be 
Friday payment processed
Monday ( if not a bank holiday) at 01:10 CET (00:10 UTC) and up to 9:00 CET money received in account

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Friday 15/12 received the email confirmation that payment was processed, it was usually reflected in my account Monday at 00:10 UTC(01:10 CET and as I mentioned in my post I am in Italy

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Of course, still nothing received and if not received tomorrow, the next working day will be Wednesday 27/12

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Hello Abulhassan! Would you mind leaving a brief comment with your so-called payment date and where you are based on this thread https://community.upwork.com/t5/Freelancers/Payment-late-Christmas-ruined-Trust-lost/m-p/1489542#M81... ? It would help to get an overview over how many are affected. 


Thank you!

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