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Is there a way to delete negative feedback as an ordinary freelancer?

I received negative feedback, which seems unfair to me.  


A year ago, I started learning to find a job on Upwork, but no one was willing to hire me because I was a newcomer. I kept submitting my resume for a month. Finally, I found a life-saving straw. I won a job with a fixed price of $5. 

I thought it is an easy task but I was wrong. In the very beginning, the client had two requests:

  • writing an academic report on a provided code; 
  • writing a code that solves another problem. 

In order to prove my skills, I decided to write the report for free as a sample. The finished report is posted below. 

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After I uploaded the finished report to the client, he hired me and I was happy. 

With happiness inside me, I started working on the second problem. I thought that I finally can earn something at Upwork though the price is $5. However, when I finished the code, the client said he was a poor student from Pakistan and didn't have enough money to make a living.

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I have not realized that he was trying to ask me to work for free. I just simply believe that he does has financial difficulties for real. After learning how difficult his condition was, my heart broke. Then the client asked for a third request: 

  • writing another academic report on the code I just finished. 

Moreover, the client stated that the price was $5 for the 2nd and 3rd requests in total. With a compassionate heart, I completed the 3rd request and sent the academic report to the client. 

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When I fantasized that I could finally get my $5, the client refused to pay me unless I take on another job from him. The new job was complex and contained 4 sub-problems. 

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The client set the price as $10 for the new job due to his poor financial condition. To get my $5 back, I had no choice but to take the new job.  After I finished 3/4 of the new job, he agreed to release that $5. 

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Finally, with great happiness and a slight sense of guilt, I received my first $5 at Upwork. I was happy because I receive my first earning. And I felt guilty because I charged a poor Pakistani student $5. I began to be curious about my client, this poor student. But I realized that I was fooled by my client. 

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The client has posted so many jobs, and he doesn't seem like a poor student in need of help. With 130 jobs posted, he only spent $289 in total, which is roughly $2 per job. To be honest, this is very suspicious. Perhaps, this client obtained sympathy by lying and then hired workers at a low price. In this case, I messaged him, 
" If you are truly a poor student, maybe you need to study hard to improve your financial situation; if you are not, please try to not utilize the sympathy of others to make money. Either way, I will not work for you any longer. " 
The client kept messaging me, which made me frustrated. I've already finished 3/4 of the job for free. Then, I decided to end the contrast with this client and blocked his messages, then left positive feedback. 


I wished all the best for this client, but he gave me negative feedback. 


He was right, I was unprofessional indeed. This experience is a painful but beneficial lesson for me. 

Now here comes the question: how to delete negative feedback if I am not Top Rated?




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You cannot. Accept it as-is and move forward. Dont work for free anymore.

View solution in original post

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Have a look, It might resolve your issue. Best Luck for the future 

Thanks. I guess I need to be a Top Rated to remove negative feedback. 

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You cannot. Accept it as-is and move forward. Dont work for free anymore.

Thanks. I lost a lot of oppotunities due to this negative feedback. I think I should move forward as you suggested. 

Sure. You did good works. Feel free to add it to your portfolio, it will increase your profile fullfilment.

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Can you reply to that feedback? Something like:


I was scammed by this client: https://short_link_to_this_thread
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I'm afraid I cannot.
Before the client gave me negative feedback, I'd already wasted the only chance to write feedback to the client. 

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He mean repply to scammer's feedback, not edit your.

As option you can issue full refund. Publick feedback will be hidden from your history. If this important for you.


Understood. Thanks again. 😁

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