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Is there a way to schedule a meeting with a client for *a certain time*? (No client click)

I haven't used Upwork's built-in meeting feature yet... (kinda new to Upwork)

A client asked to meet at a certain time (which works for me). I tried to schedule the meeting/create a link for that date/time, but at first it popped the "choose a time" thing in the message to the client. (Kinda embarrassing after I said the time works and that I'll arrange the meeting...)

I tried to click the "pick a time"-link and then it then said "You're about to schedule a meeting with yourself. Do you want to continue?" (🙄...). I selected the time the client and I had agreed on (adding my own availability for exactly that window first) and scheduled the meeting.. It then popped the time+date (with cancel/reschedule/etc options) into the chat with the client...


First question – do they see this message ("XYZfreelancer booked a meeting with XYZfreelancer")? Meaning would they be able to join that meeting ("with myself") at that time?!

Second question – is there a way to simply create/schedule a meeting for a specific time with the client?! They already said which time works; I just want to schedule the meeting for us at that time! (So the client doesn't have to go in and pick the time again... seems redundant and prone to errors.)


Would appreciate any timely advice! Many thanks in advance!

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Hey Jenna, I always tell the Client that the Upwork Zoom link will appear in the messages a few minutes before the agreed time. Then I turn Upwork Zoom on at that time for everyone to click on. Thanks and have a great day!

Thank you! I hadn't used this feature at all yet, and I feel Upwork should simply explain this somewhere. I had no idea how it worked and felt very confused/frustrated (that I couldn't lead the process and simply tell the client everything is set)! This is not explained well enough from Upwork's side at all I think. (Also, the client asked for a phone number to call in etc etc. which again, how would I know this is how it works if it's not written anywhere!?).

Well, I guess I know now! 🙂 Again, thanks for clarifying as well!

Also, this link will only appear if the client picks the meeting time, correct? (I mean again, it kinda worked when I scheduled a meeting "with myself" lol, but it shouldn't be this complicated/confusing.)

It doesn't have to be complicated. I just ask my clients what time would be good for them, and then at the allotted time, I click on the phone icon and a Zoom link appears on the message board. I don't see the point in sending a calendar invitation - it only adds extra steps -  but I guess I'm just old.

It's not necessarily complicated, just not explained (by Upwork) enough. It's also not intuitive (esp when not explained how it works lol). Thanks for responding!

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IDK about the answer to the first question. The answer to your second question is: not through Upwork's chat room. The best you can do is to tell the client that they will receive a message requesting that they pick a time to meet with you. If you already have a contract with them, and they are comfortable doing so, you can send meeting invites directly to their email using other software, like Outlook.

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Thank you, appreciate your quick answer! (BTW, I found out the answer to my first question as well -- I asked the client right before the meeting if they can see the link/scheduled meeting "with myself" lol, and they said yes!! So, they were able to join and it worked. 🙂

I just don’t think this is very intuitive… there's no meeting software/platform I know that doesn’t have an option to simply schedule a meeting for a certain time (the other party can accept or reject anyway). Weird and kind of a cumbersome extra step here (plus what if the client accidentally picks the wrong time?). But okay...

Again thank you for clarifying!

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on clients message you can see scheduling option.



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