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Is there a way to view our progress on Upwork as graphs?

I've been a freelancer on this website since 2013, but only got really active early in 2015. I was wondering if Upwork could provide us some sort of "historical" chart regarding earnings, proposals, views, and successful hires since we started in the form of a graph or chart. I know we can take a peek by clicking some of the tabs under "Reports," but graphs and charts are visually easier to understand and perhaps easier to use than having to rummage through all the filters and clicks.


It's practically unnecessary, but it would be nice to know when our most profitable weeks or months are/were as well as times where we barely made any money if at all.

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You can download all transactions (income from specific projects, Upwork's fees, etc.) using Reports/Transactions History on the mail menu. As far as I know, this information is only available for the past 365 days. Once downloaded, you can organize the information however you wish using a spreadsheet program. I don't know any way to go back more than 365 days to get information on all transactions.


Going forward, you can also run Reports/Certificate of Earnings on the last day of every month to keep track of monthly numbers.

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