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Is there anyway I can stop working for a client?

I've worked with this client before, and they're very nice and professional, but the work is becoming way too stressful. I try to follow the outline, but I have to keep rewriting it to better fit the outline (which is very vague). I was going to try and stick it out, but I don't know if i can. I'm a college student and having to rewrite chapters over, on top of writing new material is stressful...i have not recieevd my first milestone payment though so I don't know what to do:/

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Hello Adia,

If it's a financial stress you may discuss the possibility of receiving a payment from the client and also explain to them that work is becoming more complicated than originally anticipated and see if you can rework your agreement in terms of total project cost.

If it's life stress and the project is shifting beyond the original scope, you can be very honest with the client and tell them that you are having some issues finishing the project and discuss what is the best scenario that can help you mutually terminate the contract while being fair for both you and your client.

You may need to look after meditation as it's good to manage your stress.

Good luck with your college.
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Adia, you are a freelancer -- you are neither an employee nor a slave. You are free to end any business relationship that is no longer beneficial to you. You are your own boss.

Adia, why do you have one name on your profile and then introduce yourself in your profile with a different name??

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