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Is there anyway to Alert Freelancers to Scum Bag Clients

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Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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By all means, trust your instincts, just don't let the forum posts cloud your judgment. If I went by what's written on the forums, I would've missed out on a lot of great, and well paying, opportunities. That's all. In one of my 1st projects on here I thought I had fallen victim to a fixed-price scammer since the payment was a bit slow. After waiting for a week and sending an email that was ignored, I thought great - there goes my money. So I contacted oDesk who reached out to the client. I got paid but then feared bad feedback. Got my money and a glowing 5 star review so all of my concerns were unjustified. What I'm trying to say is wait and see what happens, you got plenty of time to be upset afterwards, but to be convinced of the worst and trying to warn others of something that hasn't even occured yet, is not the best strategy.
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Dianne M Member Since: Jul 25, 2013
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I agree with Krisztina. I post a lot about my horror stories but they are a very small percentage of my total experience here (about 5% only). One of my best clients takes about two weeks to respond and send payment but he always pays and sometimes even gives bonuses together with a 5 star feedback. Also as a client, one time I went on a camping trip and totally forgot to pay one of my contractors for his completed work. I was gone for like a week and I only remembered after seeing a commercial with the same topic as the job. So anyway, I paid him immediately after that and apologized for the time he waited to get paid. Maybe your client is having a rough time or something, give it a few days. If they do use the banners without payment, send another notice, and if they still don't pay, bring out the big guns Smiley Tongue

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